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Video Marketing Services from Ask Web Guru allows you to generate more online exposure, targeted leads and customers for your business, at a much lower cost, from the second most popular search engine, YouTube.

With 1.3 billion users and almost 5 billion videos watched every single day, this offers a great opportunity to position your business in front of potential customers.

It’s clearly one of the best ways to generate more revenue for your business and experience higher conversions from your marketing budget, by visually educating, entertaining and motivating your target audience to take action on your services.

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Video Script Copywriting

Creative, compelling and high converting video scripts turn viewers into leads and customers.

creative converting copy

You can provide your own script, although our professional copywriter can produce something special that speaks directly to your target audience, in a way that motivates them to buy your products or services. Compelling copy agitates problems your customers face and positions your business as the best solution.

Professional Voice Over

A professional male or female voice over artist will create studio quality audio using the script.

studio quality audio

Once we have the script complete and given the OK from you, we can now send it over to our professional male or female voice over artists, who will turn your script into studio quality audio, which will be used in the next stage of the video creation process. We have a selection of different accents to choose from.

Video Production

The video will now be created to fit the script we created earlier, in the video style of your choice.

let the magic begin

How the video will be produced will depend on the content within the script, as it will match up to reflect the copy. We can create different types of videos such as animated videos, doodle videos, explainer videos, whiteboard videos & typography videos. Please contact us for examples, to see which one suits you.

YouTube Optimisation

Uploaded to your YouTube account and search engine optimised to gain higher search rankings.

youtube search rankings

Once your video is complete, we upload to your YouTube account and provide professional on-page video SEO, which involves creating keyword optimised video titles, video descriptions and tags, to improve the visibility of your video listing within YouTube search, for the best keywords related to your business, generating more views.

YouTube Ad Management

Utilise affordable paid video placement on YouTube to reach a larger target audience quickly.

reach exact target audience

YouTube offer affordable paid video placements via Google Adwords, which allows you to promote your video across related videos, related topics, keyword search results and related partner websites. You can also implement video Remarketing that will display your video adverts to anyone who visits your website.

Online Reporting

Your online reporting facility will track all aspects of your YouTube Marketing campaign.

track video marketing metrics

No good implementing video marketing unless you know the impact it has on your business. Our online reporting facility will provide key metrics of your YouTube account including video views, likes, shares, subscribers and comments. We even track how many website visitors and leads your videos generate.

Video Marketing Packages

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Video Marketing Need


  • 30 Second Video
  • Video Script Copywriting
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Video Production
  • YouTube Optimisation


  • 1 Minute Video
  • Video Script Copywriting
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Video Production
  • YouTube Optimisation
  • YouTube Ad Creation

Business Plus

  • 1 Min 30 Sec Video
  • Video Script Copywriting
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Video Production
  • YouTube Optimisation
  • YouTube Ad Creation
  • 1 Month Online Reporting

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert video marketers with decades of experience
  • Video embeds improve website sales conversions
  • Improve brand awareness and authority online
  • Motivate your exact target audience to take action
  • Highly compelling and persuasive video copywriting

What Client’s Say

“We’ve found that our clients are always talking about our videos and the benefits of having them due to our videos being educational and easy to follow. It’s a fact that we now generate more traffic and more sales because of this.”
Mr Redshaw
“My properties are exposed for all to see and we now generate over 30% extra revenue thanks to video marketing and The Guru.”
Mrs Billington
“Exceptional service as always. Ask Web Guru’s attention to detail and reporting really is the best I’ve worked with and trust me their has been a few.”
Mr Cross
“I never knew about video marketing until we Asked The Guru for advice but I must say this is by far the best move we have ever made! The sales we generate from this is exceptional.”
Ms Clarkson
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